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Is RFID mature for the Jewellery and Watch Industry?

Ferdinand Eisele GmbH presents
RFID technology for the luxury segment

Birkenfeld, June 2017. This question can be answered clearly with "yes" at Ferdinand Eisele GmbH. The specialist for identification technology from the Pforzheim area provides evidence with "smaRT)) connect", an RFID system which was developed specifically for jewellers in the high-class segment.

„smaRT))connect“ as RFID module for ERP systems
Ferdinand Eisele created the RFID system "smaRT)) connect" in collaboration with a high-class jeweller specifically for trading in the luxury segment. "SmaRT)) connect" is a software module that is coupled to an ERP system. Cooperation has been practiced successfully with SAP Business One so far. In principle, however, connection is possible with any ERP with openly accessible data, and it does not matter whether it is industry-specific or industry-neutral. ...

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So that security-conscious online providers can quickly take preventive action, eXtra4 currently offers 3 options based on a popular and proven loop label: ...

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