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Effective remedy for return shipments fraud

Quick-witted consumers are shown their limits with security labels from eXtra4 Labelling Systems

Birkenfeld, 02.12.2016 They speak a clear language: "Anyone who removes me is obliged to purchase!" - Security labels from eXtra4 cannot be removed and re-attached. They are irreversibly destroyed during removal. The label specialists of the Ferdinand Eisele GmbH offer an efficient means against return shipment tricks to the jewellery and watchmaking industry in online as well as stationary trade.

Misuse of consumer rights
Visible traces of use and still money back? – Enough of that when security labels by eXtra4 are used. They prevent jewellery and watches from being worn without paying. If the security label is missing or has been damaged, it is immediately clear and demonstrable: the customer has no right to return, he must pay.

Repositioning impossible
Quick-witted consumers know many tricks to get rid of annoying labels and fix them later. From hairdryer to steam bath - the list of possibilities is long. However, none of these methods helps with safety labels. The special materials of the labels decompose into their elements when manipulated. What remains is only label particles or tissue layers which cannot be reassembled. ...

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