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Risky OS Update

eXtra4 support saves blocked label printing systems

Birkenfeld, November 13, 2017. Automatic operating system updates can unexpectedly confront users with acute problems. Long-established routines suddenly stop working. Support means rescue here. The eXtra4 Labelling Systems support ticket system provides help for everyone - an offer that has proven itself in the recent software conflict.

Operating system interferes with standard application
The phones have not stopped ringing at the eXtra4 hotline since the release of a major operating system no longer supports the data access component for a popular spreadsheet program. "In the morning I still had labels printed and now nothing works anymore," a customer complains about his desperate situation.


Support ticket system for emergency provision
For problem situations such as the current software conflict, Ferdinand Eisele GmbH introduced a support ticket system for its brand eXtra4 and the software of the same name four years ago. It enables anyone - even users who are not yet eXtra4 customers - to access the expertise of a qualified support team.
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Guard Labels protect on the web

Security labels for online trade by eXtra4 at attractive prices

Birkenfeld, 28.08.2017. The risk awareness of online providers is increasing. This is evidenced by the lively demand for security labels recently introduced to the market. Guard Labels by eXtra4 Labelling Systems prevent network risks for retailers in the jewellery and watchmaking industry. The brand of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH is expanding its range here by standard products. They are available ex stock quickly and at attractive prices. During GemWorld, from October 27 to 29, 2017 in Munich, the label specialist from the Pforzheim area will present its innovations for the first time in hall B5 on booth 514.

Guard Labels help prevent
A firewall protects against viruses, Trojans and spam on the web. Guard Labels by eXtra4 protect against return fraud, manipulation and shrinkage in online trade. They combine different security features into a label with individual protection. The focus is on prevention. Illegal tricks are not to happen at all in the first place, as Guard Labels signalize at one glance: precautions were taken here. ...

Priceworthy Guard Labels from stock
eXtra4 offers 3 options based on a popular and proven loop label to enable safety-conscious online providers to react quickly: ...

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Brochure and prices Security labels/Guard labels on stock

Guard labels Final web 
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Is RFID mature for the Jewellery and Watch Industry?

Ferdinand Eisele GmbH presents
RFID technology for the luxury segment

Birkenfeld, June 2017. This question can be answered clearly with "yes" at Ferdinand Eisele GmbH. The specialist for identification technology from the Pforzheim area provides evidence with "smaRT)) connect", an RFID system which was developed specifically for jewellers in the high-class segment.

„smaRT))connect“ as RFID module for ERP systems
Ferdinand Eisele created the RFID system "smaRT)) connect" in collaboration with a high-class jeweller specifically for trading in the luxury segment. "SmaRT)) connect" is a software module that is coupled to an ERP system. Cooperation has been practiced successfully with SAP Business One so far. In principle, however, connection is possible with any ERP with openly accessible data, and it does not matter whether it is industry-specific or industry-neutral. ...

Cheap Guard labels from stock
So that security-conscious online providers can quickly take preventive action, eXtra4 currently offers 3 options based on a popular and proven loop label: ...

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Customized label printing with eXtra4<winIII>

New software version staggering features in editions

Birkenfeld, February 1, 2017. The new main version of "eXtra4", the tried-and-tested program for label printing in the world of jewellery and watches, features numerous additional abilities. The eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH programmers from Ferdinand Eisele have summarized the results of their work in 8 editions in order to make the entry into the new edition "eXtra4 " easy. They build on each other and open up the user a plus of comfort and possibilities step by step.

Taste to discover
If you do not know the program, start label printing at "eXtra4 " best with the "UltraLite" edition. It can be downloaded free of charge at and works indefinitely. With "UltraLite" you can control a printer, select a layout as input mask for your data and print only one label per print job.

Registered for extensive test possibilities
As soon as an “UltraLite” user logs on as a user, he will have access to all features provided by the program up to and including the "Advanced Connect" edition, the 5th version, for a user period of 60 days. Automatically with the registration comes ...

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extra4win3 startscreen 
Start screen of eXtra4<winIII>

sw exwin3 tnprnt gz
Label Layout as input mask for data
in eXtra4<winIII>

Price tagging with personal touch

New in the range of labels for manual tagging at eXtra4

BBirkenfeld, June 1, 2017. Handwriting on the label proves character and signals: This product is handcrafted or it is a handpicked offer. Labels for manual tagging are a classic in the product range of eXtra4, the brand for label competence at the company Ferdinand Eisele, and still in demand. The label manufacturer from the Pforzheim area is currently expanding its range of products with various new products.

Handwriting - elaborate but exclusive
What was once a simple necessity is today a sign of exclusivity: labels written with beautiful handwriting. They stand for care, which in price tagging can often only be achieved by specializing in a manageable range of exquisite pieces. For manual tagging is time-intensive and not rational. However, goldsmiths and silversmiths as well as individual retailers are often deliberately taking this path of labelling. It conveys a personal, artistic touch and, with small numbers, does not require an elaborate organization or large investments.

Fine pen for clean writing
The writing utensil must be appropriate if you want nice, handwritten labels. Especially for the marking of labels made of rigid PVC and adhesive material, eXtra4 has now added a new permanent marker to the product range. ...

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