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Mrs. Susanne Schickel
Ferdinand Eisele GmbH
Carl-Benz-Str. 17
75217 Birkenfeld
 cta anruf 50  Phone: +49 7231 9479-23 / Fax: +49 7231 9499-90
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Rights of use for video and image material

We provide our video material online for watching and downloading. Please note that Ferdinand Eisele GmbH holds the rights of use for all videos published here, as well as the images, texts and other representations (e.g. graphics) that can be selected from them.
Further use by third parties is possible after approval with reference to "eXtra4". We ask for corresponding request.


Jeweller’s label-quality: resistant to ultrasonic treatment

Labels remain undamaged after cleaning in an ultrasonic bath
For our jewellery labels we use permanently adhesive foil compound material as standard. It can be printed scratch-resistant with resin based carbon ribbons. The jewellery can thus be easily cleaned in an ultrasonic bath with the label attached, without the label being damaged, becoming detached or blurred.



How to properly attach jewellery labels with loop

Video Tutorial for loop labels
Jewellery labels with loop are among the most popular shapes for labelling jewellery and watches. However, the advantages of this type of label can only be fully exploited if it is handled correctly.



How to avoid trouble when attaching jewellery labels with loop

Video Tutorial for error-free use of loop labels
Knowing what is important when attaching loop labels to jewellery and watches helps prevent unnecessary extra work and problems.


Latest Information

News from eXtra4 Labelling Systems

Labelling as an essential element of identification technologies is characterised by the short development cycles of electronic information technologies. This changes our products to the same extent that it changes our company.
To keep you informed at all times, we provide you with news and reports on new developments here:


Reports and press releases on new technologies, product developments and trends



Reports and press releases on the company and its employees



Press echo in the media on reports of eXtra4 Labelling Systems



Latest catalogues and brochures on labels and labelling systems from eXtra4 Labelling Systems



Tutorials for a more detailed explanation of features and functions in labels, software and hardware from eXtra4 Labelling Systems

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Working for Ferdinand Eisele: Vacancies and vocational training



News von eXtra4 Labelling Systems

Die Etikettierung als wesentliches Element der Identifikationstechnologien ist durch die kurzen Entwicklungszyklen der elektronischen Informationstechniken geprägt. Dies verändert unsere Produkte in gleichem Maße, wie unser Unternehmen.
Damit Sie stets informiert sind, stellen wir Ihnen hier Informationen über Neues bereit:


Berichte und Pressemitteilungen zu neuen Technologien, Produkt-Entwicklungen und Tendenzen



Berichte und Pressemitteilungen zum Unternehmen und seinen Mitarbeitern



Presse-Echo in den Medien auf Meldungen von eXtra4 Labelling Systems



Arbeiten bei Ferdinand Eisele: Stellenangebote und Berufsausbildung



Aktuelle Kataloge und Prospekte zu Etiketten und Etikettier-Systemen von eXtra4 Labelling Systems



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Qualitätsaufkleber zurück im Produktprogramm

Update für Qualitätsaufkleber


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eXtra4 trotzt Brexit

Knowhow-Austausch mit der Insel

Repräsentant aus Großbritannien zu Besuch bei eXtra4 Labelling Systems
Birkenfeld, 29.06.2018. Was gibt es Neues bei eXtra4? - Marcus Harley, Technik-Spezialist bei unserem Vertreter Potters Ltd. aus King's Lynn in Norfolk, macht sich persönlich ein Bild von den aktuellen Entwicklungen bei Hard- und Software. ...

... mehr über "Knowhow-Austausch mit der Insel"




Working for labels and labelling systems
from eXtra4 Labelling Systems

We are a specialised company in the printing industry with a typical medium-sized character. Our field of activity is the production of labels for the marking of products and the organisation of processes. Our focus is on the jewellery, watch and gemstone industries. By developing our own software and selling suitable hardware, there we operate worldwide as a supplier of comprehensive labelling systems. As experts for labelling we are, however, also in demand from companies in the automotive industry, apparatus engineering, health care and many others. Thanks to our experience and consulting competence, we have made a name for ourselves in the market as a partner for identification technology.
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Contact for:

Mrs. Andrea Schwenker
Ferdinand Eisele GmbH
Carl-Benz-Str. 17
75217 Birkenfeld
cta anruf 50  Phone: +49 7231 9479-23 / Fax: +49 7231 9499-90
cta angebot 50   by E-Mail

What we offer our employees

Independent working with non-bureaucratic
  decision making processes in a family working atmosphere
35 hour week
Regulated working hours
Flexitime with core working time
  Administration 8.00 - 16.00 o'clock,
  Production 8.00 - 14.00 o'clock
personal time account
Wages according to IG Druck-Medien
Holiday pay
Christmas bonus

Job opportunities

We are looking for reliable employees with social competence, who appreciate our familiar working atmosphere with unbureaucratic decision-making processes and want to work independently.


At the moment our team is complete!


We make sure that you learn for life, right from the start. Personal support and practical tasks guarantee success and pleasure at work.
Ferdinand Eisele GmbH trains apprentices in the following professions:

Industrial Manager

In this sector we regularly offer educational training even beyond our own needs.

Next educational training starts: 2024

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In this sector we exclusively offer educational training for our own needs.
We do not start new educational training at the moment.

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Label Printer

For this skilled trade we apply a particular training model: the apprenticeship starts with one year of full-time education at the Johannes-Gutenberg-Schule in Stuttgart.
We do not start new educational training at the moment

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If you would like to apply - also online by e-mail - please send us copies of certificates and other meaningful documents on your qualifications, training and previous activities. We attach particular importance to a handwritten curriculum vitae and a portrait photo.


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