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RFID for Jewellery

Decision criteria for transponder-supported labelling of goods in trade and industry

Birkenfeld, 02.01.2019. RFID is already being used successfully in the jewellery industry. To ensure that manufacturers and retailers do not miss the opportunity to enter this future technology, Ferdinand Eisele and his subsidiary "eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH" will provide a catalogue of criteria for decision-making and present RFID live during the spring trade fairs.
The identification technology company from the Pforzheim area has been accompanying the development of RFID for years, both in the jewellery industry and in related segments, and can point out key issues.

Additional effort must pay off
Compared to barcode labels, the use of RFID basically means more time and money. The price of RFID labels is up to ten times higher than that of conventional labels. RFID-capable label printers are also significantly more expensive. In addition, much more care must be taken when labelling goods.
This additional expense is paid for by the significantly improved inventory monitoring. From a cost-benefit point of view, the use of RFID can therefore initially be justified for jewellery in the upper price segment. Here, additional costs are already amortized when the loss rate by "shrinkage" is halved.

Inventory - permanent instead of anual
The high costs of RFID must be offset by frequent use. If all movement of goods is continuously monitored, "shrinkage" is automatically reduced. The extremely fast detection of entire trays is the key to this. RFID is a worthwhile investment if inventory is taken daily, several times a day, e.g. when moving goods between the safe and sales area, or even permanently. ...

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RFID für Juweliere
RFID application at the jeweller's
RFID-Scanner von eXtra4 für Etikettierung mit UHF-Transponder
RFID scanner from eXtra4 for labelling with UHF transponder
RFID-Etikett mit UHF-Transponder zur Auszeichnung von SchmuckRFID
label with UHF transponder for labelling jewellery

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