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slimLINE – The slim label printing

eXtra4 expands successful starter package to product line

Birkenfeld, January 2, 2018. The starter package by eXtra4 Labelling Systems has convinced many people about label printing. Now the identification technology experts at Ferdinand Eisele GmbH are considerably expanding their range:

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The new "slimLINE" product range includes low-cost label printers in slim design, a wide range of matching label shapes from stock and suitable colour ribbons. Thus, "slimLINE" is closely geared to entry-level requirements - small budget, little space, and low quantities.

slimLINE RT200 RT230i produktlinie lyte 

Product package popular with label printing beginners
Launched a year ago as a complete set for a favourable start into label printing by computer, the entry-level package has become a successful model. The slim thermal transfer printers of the GODEX RT series are recommended for an annual requirement of up to 5,000 labels. They are well received as a low-priced first device, although the narrow track width of only 60 mm limits the choice of label shapes. But users like to put up with that, because the package is easy to handle thanks to the label printing software eXtra4<winIII>.

slimLINE druckerRT compo Starter Kit lyte 

Variety of suitable labels now expanded
They do not want to be satisfied with quality and price as decisive arguments at eXtra4 Labelling Systems. Being label specialists, the range of labels also has to be right. New developments, specifically designed for the narrow track width, supplement the range for the slim printers: ...

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