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Risky OS Update

eXtra4 support saves blocked label printing systems

Birkenfeld, November 13, 2017. Automatic operating system updates can unexpectedly confront users with acute problems. Long-established routines suddenly stop working. Support means rescue here. The eXtra4 Labelling Systems support ticket system provides help for everyone - an offer that has proven itself in the recent software conflict.

Operating system interferes with standard application
The phones have not stopped ringing at the eXtra4 hotline since the release of a major operating system no longer supports the data access component for a popular spreadsheet program. "In the morning I still had labels printed and now nothing works anymore," a customer complains about his desperate situation.


Support ticket system for emergency provision
For problem situations such as the current software conflict, Ferdinand Eisele GmbH introduced a support ticket system for its brand eXtra4 and the software of the same name four years ago. It enables anyone - even users who are not yet eXtra4 customers - to access the expertise of a qualified support team.
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