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Price tagging with personal touch

New in the range of labels for manual tagging at eXtra4

BBirkenfeld, June 1, 2017. Handwriting on the label proves character and signals: This product is handcrafted or it is a handpicked offer. Labels for manual tagging are a classic in the product range of eXtra4, the brand for label competence at the company Ferdinand Eisele, and still in demand. The label manufacturer from the Pforzheim area is currently expanding its range of products with various new products.

Handwriting - elaborate but exclusive
What was once a simple necessity is today a sign of exclusivity: labels written with beautiful handwriting. They stand for care, which in price tagging can often only be achieved by specializing in a manageable range of exquisite pieces. For manual tagging is time-intensive and not rational. However, goldsmiths and silversmiths as well as individual retailers are often deliberately taking this path of labelling. It conveys a personal, artistic touch and, with small numbers, does not require an elaborate organization or large investments.

Fine pen for clean writing
The writing utensil must be appropriate if you want nice, handwritten labels. Especially for the marking of labels made of rigid PVC and adhesive material, eXtra4 has now added a new permanent marker to the product range. ...

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