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Special Label for Minerals and Rough Stones

New development at eXtra4 Labelling Systems for direct labelling of raw materials

Birkenfeld, 17.09.2018 - Label manufacturer Ferdinand Eisele GmbH has designed a new label especially for the needs of mineral experts and stone professionals. It adheres even to unprocessed surfaces and can be labeled both manually and mechanically. Under the brand name eXtra4 Labelling Systems, the new development will be presented to the trade public for the first time at Gemworld, Munich, from 26 to 28 October 2018
Small, clinging and highly adhesive
The new rectangular label with reference number 31 716 ER5 measures only 16 x 7 mm. Soft polyethylene foil ensures that the label readily adapts to uneven structures. Extra-strong gluing keeps it in position even on porous, rough surfaces, because with its special adhesive properties, the adhesive "sucks" into the substrate.
For handwriting and label printers
Thanks to a special coating, the new label can be written on by hand - even with a pencil. However, it can also be inscribed professionally using a thermal transfer label printer. ...

... read more on the press release "Special label for minerals and rough stones"

cetik 31 716  ER5 steinetiketten oRolle lyte org Stone label 31 716 ER5: Small, clinging and highly adhesive


cetik 31 716  ER5 steinetiketten lyte org Label for rough stones and minerals for marking by hand or in a label printer

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