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Metallic labels for slimLINE label printing

eXtra4 expands affordable starter product line

Birkenfeld, September 10, 2018. Gold- and silver-coloured labels look elegant and discreet at the same time when marking jewellery. They are therefore particularly popular with trade and industry. The label experts at Ferdinand Eisele GmbH are now adding new metallic-look labels with loop to their popular "slimLINE" product line for beginners in label printing.

Noble labels for label printing beginners
Metallic labels are elegantly restrained in the presentation of jewellery. If they are also attached with transparent loops, they are visually less prominent. Users of "slimLINE", the product line for slim label printing of the eXtra4 Labelling Systems brand, now also benefit from both advantages with the new labels. ...

Special shape for narrow label printers
he new labels are specifically designed for slim label printers with a maximum web width of 60 mm. They have a special label shape - the labeling fields are arranged one below the other instead of next to the other - but offer space for the same amount of information as corresponding labels for conventional printers. Applied to jewellery, both forms look the same. However, handling "slimLINE" labels is easier. They can be folded on the long side, which can be done faster than folding on the narrow side. ...

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slimLINE logo weiss

slimLINE 34 1653R 34 2050IR Z1GO Z1SI blanco lyte 
Gold and silver metallic labels of the "slimLINE" product line in 2 sizes
slimLINE 34 1653R 34 2050IR Z1GO Z1SI druck lyte
"slimLINE" jewellery labels with transparent loop in gold metallic, size, Small, and silver metallic, size Standard, printed with the Godex RT230 printer, 300 dpi
slimLINE druckerRT compo Starter Kit lyte"slimLINE" starter package with Godex RT200 label printer, eXtra4 label printing software, jewellery labels and colour ink ribbon

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