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News from our godchildren

Update on our Africa project at NGO "Kindernothilfe"

Ferdinand Eisele and eXtra4 have been supporting an aid project for regions in South Africa particularly affected by AIDS for more than 10 years through the humanitarian organisation. In addition, the company has taken over the sponsorship of five children cared for there.

Four of the sponsored children, Asanda, Ziyanda, Minenhle and Anele, can no longer be supported by the project because they have relocated. Instead of the departed children, we now support the boys Celokuhle and Luyanda in addition to the two girls Sfundo and Awonke.
Many families whose children benefit from the project's sponsorship program have nothing to lose. They are constantly trying to improve their economic situation and often see their chance in better working conditions elsewhere. Therefore they often move and take their children with them.

The remaining boy, Busani, has developed positively. News from his life and a current picture show how our godchild is doing.

More about PRO-Afrika you will find on our website. Information on the organization "Kindernothilfe" is as well presented online.

Zono Awonke, eXtra4-Patenkind bei Kindernothilfe Cele Celokuhle ,eXtra4-Patenkind bei Kindernothilfe
Luyanda Khuzwayo, eXtra4-Patenkind bei Kindernothilfe Dudula Sfundo, eXtra4-Patenkind bei Kindernothilfe 
Zono Awonke, eXtra4-Patenkind bei Kindernothilfe

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