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Pforzheim region loses 
committed entrepreneur and citizen

The staff of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH mourns the death of its senior partner Reinhard Nonnenmacher

Birkenfeld, July 17th 2018. Reinhard Nonnenmacher died on 15.07.2018 at the age of 80 after a long and serious illness. As owner and managing director of the label manufacturer Ferdinand Eisele GmbH, Birkenfeld, as well as the predecessor companies Ferdinand Eisele e.K., Birkenfeld, and the printing company Ferdinand Eisele, Pforzheim, he was well known in the city and region - not least also through his civic commitment.
Born in Kieselbronn, Reinhard Nonnenmacher began his career with Ferdinand Eisele in 1953 with a apprenticeship. After graduation, he remains with the company as a businessman and quickly develops to the right hand of the management. In 1967 he became a partner, in 1979 the owner of the company with two business areas, the classic printing works and the label production. In 1994 Reinhard Nonnenmacher sold the printing company to four employees, today alpha medienwerk GmbH, Birkenfeld, and concentrated exclusively on the production of labels, mainly for labelling jewellery and watches.
Two of his sons were involved early on in the expansion and innovation of the company: Since the mid-1980s Jörg Nonnenmacher has supported the technical management and Alex Schickel (née Nonnenmacher) the management. When he reached the age of retirement in 2003, he was far from thinking about doing so. At over 70, Reinhard Nonnenmacher can still be found in the office every day, where he is personally available for his customers. ...
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 press release 17.07.2018
 nachruf portrait 
Reinhard Nonnenmacher, deceased
senior partner of label specialist
Ferdinand Eisele GmbH, Birkenfeld
nachruf soehne
The late entrepreneur Reinhard
Nonnenmacher (middle) with his
sons Jörg Nonnenmacher (left) and
Alex Schickel

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