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Windows update disturbs label printing

Microsoft prevents data transfer from Excel spreadsheets

Birkenfeld, 23.10. 2017. Printing labels is a problem for all users of Excel spreadsheets due to one of the latest security updates for the current Windows 10 Creators version (Version 1703). The latest version of the eXtra4 label printing software solves this problem.

The problem
Support requests for eXtra4 Labelling Systems have been increasing for a few days now. Users of the label printing software extra4/2 are suddenly facing the end when they want to print jewellery labels with data from Excel spreadsheets, as they have been accustomed to for years.

The cause
Microsoft's update, which is inevitably and unstoppably installed by the Windows user unnoticed via the Internet, no longer supports the driver technology of data access to Excel. This change to Windows is definitive and irreversible.

The solution
Desperate callers can calm the eXtra4 support hotline: Switching to the new eXtra4 version fixes the problem. The software, which has been completely revised over the last year, directly reads data from Excel spreadsheets. Driver technology, as now cancelled by Microsoft from one day to the next without warning, is not necessary.

Support from eXtra4
„We were as surprised by the Windows update and its consequences as our customers,"says Hartmut Kasper, support specialist at eXtra4 Labelling System, explaining the situation. „Fortunately, we are able to offer our customers a solution straight away.“ eXtra4/2 to eXtra4, Edition "Advanced Connect", can be upgraded without any problems. 15 support units ensure a smooth transition to the new version of the program, which is automatically included in the purchase of the new version.

Click here to go to the download area for the new software version eXtra4<winiii>
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Error message when trying to print a
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Error message when trying to recreate
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