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20 years business relations with South Africa

eXtra4 Labelling Systems visit longtime representatives in Johannesburg and customers on Réunion

Already in July 1996, Manager Alex Schickel established first business contacts with South Africa for Ferdinand Eisele GmbH during Jewellex in Johannesburg. Even then Thomas Ndlovu was one of his interlocutors who today takes care of production at the local representatives Crayve Ltd.

The company Crayve Ltd itself is led by Mr and Mrs Ray. During his current business trip in July 2016 Alex Schickel made them familiar with the innovations of eXtra4 Labelling Systems and shared his experiences.

For market information reasons, eXtra4 took advantage of the proximity to South Africa and paid a visit to customers on Réunion. As a French département, the island is part of the EU with the Euro as local currency. That is why it was particularly interesting to hear about the economic situation and the possibilities from local customers there personally.


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 Alex Thomas July 1996 
Manager Alex Schickel with
Thomas Ndlovu (center), today
Head of Production at Crayve Ltd.
Johannesburg, in May 1996
Alex Jen Clay 1377 
Alex Schickel discussing with
Jennifer and Clayton Ray of
Crayve Ltd., representatives
in Johannesburg (from right to left)

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