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Creative thanks for donation

eXtra4 sponsors holiday
"DiBo“ for children

In October a surprise has been delivered to us by the Protestant congregation: We received an creative thank-you for our financial support in the production of participant ribbons for the children's holiday care in Birkenfeld.
Beside a sweet chocolate greeting and a thank-you note we are pleased about a made-up picture with group photos of the children and a participant ribbon.
For decades, the Protestant parish has traditionally organized a childrens holiday in the Dietrich Bonhoeffer community hall "DiBo" on the outskirts of the village. There, in two groups for two two-week periods, around 200 children from the community are looked after.
To make sure that a child is not overlooked during fun, games and excursions, all participants received a bracelet with the DiBo logo as "ID". In 2018 Ferdinand Eisele GmbH covered the costs for the production of these ribbons.
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 dibo baendchen 2018 lyte

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