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Lockdown ends long professional life

Ferdinand Eisele GmbH has to say goodbye to a loyal employee

Birkenfeld, 02.06.2020. The start of the nationwide corona lockdown on 23 March 2020 means the abrupt end of Mrs Zdenka Miksa's long professional life. For more than three decades she has worked for Ferdinand Eisele GmbH, Birkenfeld, well beyond retirement age. Just before her 74th birthday, the loyal employee has to quit her job definitively for her own protection because of the virus, which is particularly risky for elderly people. After the easing of the corona restrictions, she will now be duly bid farewell by the management and her colleagues.

Up to date in technology
As early as 1972, Czech-born Zdenka Miksa managed to start a career in her new home country in addition to her family. The qualified business administrator continues her training - also in the field of EDP - and takes up a position with Ferdinand Eisele on 3.6.1987. The company, at that time still a print shop with affiliated label production in Pforzheim, needs support in order adminitration. Getting started is a challenge that she faces with commitment - as well as the many technical developments that keep revolutionizing her workplace. Formerly started with a typewriter and carbon-copy pad, Mrs. Miksa experienced the triumph of computing live at her desk. E-mail, Internet, WhatsApp, Google and Skype are now also part of Zdenka Miksa's day to day private life. Her employer benefits from this open-mindedness towards innovations until the very last moment.

Over 30 years of loyalty
As a reliable, experienced staff member, Ms. Miksa supports the company with a lot of loyalty through more than 30 years of development from the traditional print shop to the label manufacturer to the specialist for identification technology with its own software company. With growing export business their language skills are also an advantage: After all, Zdenka Miksa is a sought-after contact person for customers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. When she retired nine years ago, only part-time work for older employees was acceptable to her, with two instead of the usual five days a week. ...

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Press release 02.06.2020

 Zdenka Miksa goodbye 
Farewell in corona mode: after 33 years of work, Mrs Zdenka Miksa retires at the age of 74 at Ferdinand Eisele GmbH
Zdenka Miksa farewaell 
Alex Schickel (r), Managing Director of Ferdinand Eisele GmbH says goodbye to Mrs. Zdenka Miksa in pandemic distance

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