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Pro-Africa Commitment Report

eXtra4 donations used sensibly for "Kindernothilfe“

March 2020. eXtra4 managing director Alex Schickel has had a passion for Africa and its people for many years. His company has maintained business contacts with South Africa for such a long time. These relationships have led eXtra4 to commit itself to this continent.
More than 10 years ago, the company chose Kindernothilfe as its competent partner. Since then, an annual donation from Birkenfeld has supported an AIDS orphans project and five children cared for in it.
The project in the KwaZulu-Natal region, which is severely affected by AIDS, supports the children themselves, their caring relatives and the local communities in many ways. Particular emphasis is placed on helping them to help themselves in order to achieve long-term improvements for all.

A look at the project report 2019 provides insight into achievements and successes on site.
Learn more on our godchildren in the project of Kindernothilfe

 Bericht Spenden-Projekt von Kindernothilfe
Project report of Kindernothilfe

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